We must choose to be lovers of the wild or not. What say you?

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      Mark Edwards

      Let’s blog a river of words we can explore, develop a wild language we can find freedom in.

      Wild are the words which wake in us a world where we are but part of a community, composed of cores of consciousness connected by corridors of common dreams, flowing passages in a river wiggling with all life while learning the way to say – “In Wildness is the preservation of the world.”

      Say what you will, will what you say, so our words and world will have a future we can all live with. Ask questions. Does the human spirit have a primal allegiance to wildness? What is the quality of wildness? What is the will of the wild?

      We think we are domesticated, in control, but we aren’t. We are feral in fear, feral in tongue and language – we are homesick for wildness. We want little but to know something of the landscape, to have a way home, to know how all landscape is knowledgescape.

      The knowledge of Wildness can erupt with a crazy carnival of comedy and the realization that everything has to eat something. It teaches us times change and we have much to learn. The human spirit is the realization of wildness. We are a force of nature.

      “Wildness is the state of complete awareness. That’s why we need it,” writes Gary Snyder. Wildness is common knowledge. We learn from the minds of other creatures – they are good to think with. Ask the council of all beings.

      We must choose to be lovers of the wild or not. What say you?

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      If we love at all, are we not loving wildness? Isn’t it true that all things are born of wildness? Even so, to choose to love wildness when we could choose fear…well, I think that’s how the transformation begins.

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      I am very pleased with the new web site. The possibilities for it are many.

      As for the question, some of my love for wild came from my attempts to imitate the emancipation of the 1960s and 1970s. I wasn’t “there” to not remember those times, although I was awakened harshly in April and May 1970, by Vietnam-related events in both months. Bombs and Otherness come from our failures to be wild about our own species and to fantasize demons in place of people who are different.

      “Nature” is similar: a “thing” to conquer because it makes us anxious, anxious about Death, our own death, and the meaning of our lives. Wildness is in part about facing these inner demons, this inner darkness, individually and as a species. Only then might we take our place among the wondrous and sometimes terrifying world around us that is the entire world of life and death.

      And we might find the means to conquer some of our drives toward domination and power by looking closely within and without.

      I’m glad to be part of the conversation.

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      Juvenal’s quote – “Never does nature say one thing and wisdom another.” – comes to mind. Is love the same as wisdom? Is wild the same as nature? I long thought of wisdom as being a deep knowledge born of study, but find truth in reframing wisdom as trusting nature. Never does wildness say one thing and love another?

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      All love is wonderful, wild, domestic, free, reserved . . . for you’re better to have loved and lost, than not to have loved at all.

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      Mark Edwards

      Thank you Courtney, Lee, Abby, and James for adding to the discussion involving love.  Love is trusting wildness and when that love spreads out and becomes larger than ourselves we become impregnated with the mystery of life itself.  Allowing the love to include the mystery of otherness, especially other beings beyond humans is what our culture struggles with.  Fear is the re-stricter and yet healthy for our realization as it allows us to actively choose and take the responsibility to let go and trust our evolving sense of self, beyond ourselves as we normally perceive it.  The language is difficult and thank each for bringing it into a clearer understanding.

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