The Search For Wild


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The Search for Wild audio production project explores perceptions of wildness coming from Iowa, the most biologically altered state in the country. Living thus, we have stopped being conscious of wildness in our experience. Wildness, however, exists whether we experience it or not; it is life. To become aware of wildness and reconnect, we must go outside our comfort zones to explore the unknown, embracing otherness. We expand our understanding of it beyond parks and wilderness areas. Then can we connect with wildness as it really is.

The Search for Wild is a production of KHOI Community Radio in Ames, Iowa, made possible by the BeWildReWild Fund at Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation. Executive Producer: Ursula Ruedenberg.Producers: Virginia Kovach, Mark Edwards, Pat Schlarbaum


What is Wild?

Infused with the sounds of the natural world, the meaning of “Wild”is explored. A cross section of Iowans explain their understanding of wildness. Mark Edwards, former employee of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, takes us to Ledges State Park in Iowa’s Des Moines River Valley, to explore the interaction between wildness and state park management. Producer Virginia Kovach offers a poem inspired by the process of making this program.

Connection with Wild

How we relate to Wild, from terror to community. Iowans describe their personal journeys from disconnect to connection. Leland Searles, environmental consultant speaks for the rivers; Karen Craft, animal communicator speaks for the animal kingdom, John Ame, wilderness therapist describes community with nature, and Daniel Wirth, adjunct professor of environmental science and sustainability at Iowa State University, her students, and members of the Iowa Chapter of the sierra Club enact the Council of All Beings. Flood audio provided from the Driftless Writing Center’s Stories from the Flood project.

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