Programming Partnership

KHOI Community Radio has an eleven-year history of presenting topics of interest to its listeners in the heart of Iowa and beyond via live on air listening, streaming, and robust archival access. We are proud of our commitment to covering issues that are important to community members. To that end, we have previously partnered with BeWildReWild proponents to create programming. We are seeking a grant to formalize a partnership to pursue stimulating programs on air and in-person over the course of the next year. We intend to offer a variety of approaches to present information about, and spark discussion of, issues related to BeWildRewild goals.


  1. A new regular program covering issues to nature and the environment will be hosted by Sarah Nizzi. She will consult with Mark Edwards to ensure that some segments include voices that are steeped in the BeWildRewild philosophy.
  2. A series of in-person film programs that invite the public to KHOI’s Studio C to view BeWildReWild films and participate in facilitated discussion.
  3. One or more topical discussion sessions that invite members of the public to be introduced to BeWildReWild topics and have an opportunity to ask questions and explore issues.
  4. A program featuring Poetry and Writing inspired by a BeWildRewild prompt.

We are open to any other types of programs and can be flexible in taking advantage of opportunities as they are presented.

KHOI will provide on air coverage of all of the above, along with select guests on KHOI’s Local Talk program. Breaking news on related topics can be covered on Local Talk.

Anything that is in-person can be recorded and shared on air or via our archives. Anything played on air will be available from the archives.


We are proposing a grant of $2500 that will support the infrastructure to provide year-long programming highlighting and celebrating issues related to BeWildRewild.

Funding will be used to support the operating  expenses KHOI incurs to provide a facility and access to the airwaves. This includes tower fees, licensing fees, staffing, utilities, promotion, and hospitality. It costs about $400 per day to provide the foundation of the facility and access to the airwaves that is KHOI. Local on-air and in-person programs are created entirely by volunteers.

Funding will also be used to defray direct costs related to individual programs, such as travel, stipends, hospitality, and promotions.

Submitted by:                                                                          
Lynne Carey, KHOI Board and Local Talk Producer
622 Douglas Avenue
Ames, IA 50010