Iowa Nature Summit Proposal


Ursula Ruedenberg, Pacifica Affiliate Network Manager, and Stephanie Schubert, Pacifica Affiliate Network Operations Coordinator, will produce a 1-hour radio program/podcast advancing the Wildness/Rewilding conversation resulting from interviews gathered during the 2-day Iowa Nature Summit. The program/podcast will be widely distributed at no cost to recipients. The program will focus exclusively on Wildness/Rewilding and be free of other agendas which are social, political, or ecologically shallow. By wild means self-reliant, spontaneous, self-willed, self-regulating, local, authentic, and free. We will consult with you prior to the conference to clarify specific goals. Post-production and distribution will be completed by November 23, with subsequent follow-up when opportunities arise.


  1. Upload to SoundCloud
  2. SoundCloud file link to website.
  3. Upload to Facebook (Via Soundcloud)
  4. The show will be divided into two half-hour segments and distributed in the first and second weeks of December 2023, as two installments of the radio show: “Sprouts Radio From the Grassroots,” aired on more than 100 radio stations in the USA (including Ames, Iowa), Canada, and Europe.
  5. Upload as an hour-long program to Pacifica Network’s content distribution service to its affiliate network. Pacifica Affiliate Network includes approximately 200 community radio and Internet stations in the USA, Canada, and Europe and is part of Pacifica Foundation, a non-profit organization.
  6. Upload an hour-long program to PRX – the Public Radio content distribution service.
  7. Distribute as a podcast, hosted on Pacifica’s podcast site, and offered at major podcast libraries.
  8. Audio files will be available as needed and we are open to other suggestions for distribution.

BUDGET: $1895.00

Staff time is budgeted at $25.00 per hour (average cost of combined payment for Ursula Ruedenberg and Stephanie Schubert)
$375.00 Hours of travel and at Iowa Nature Summit: 15 hours
$20.00 Travel expense
$250.00 Conference registration
$1000.00 Postproduction (editing and formatting): 40 hours
$250.00 Distribution: 10 hours

Thank you for your consideration. Grant Check should be written out to Pacifica Foundation Radio Affiliates and sent directly to our affiliate department bank account. Send to:

Pacifica Foundation Radio Affiliates
PO Box 743445
Los Angeles, CA 90074-3445

Ursula Ruedenberg / Pacifica Affiliate Network Manager

Pacifica Foundation is an incorporated non-profit 501©3 organization