Constellation Project

by Autumn Rozario Hall

Part One

This is a proposal for the creation of a series of constellation based paintings intended to accompany the KHOI grant project. The constellation images are intended to provide a visual part to accompany audio clips for the BeWild ReWild website.

The first part of this proposal covers the creation of nine paintings inspired by constellations and featuring animals that make their home in Iowa. Each painting has been created with acrylic paint and white ink.

BeWild ReWild will have permission to use the images on its website, as part of the grant agreement.

As the project evolves the possible creation of more constellation themed images may be necessary to accompany evolving web content.

The grant funds will go towards the creating of the first set of paintings as well as the documentation and editing of the images to make them web ready. It will also cover the creation of 5-8 additional paintings or related content.

The goal of this grant project is to invite others into the rewilding conversation through visually engaging images that connect to other rewilding projects in the community. The images are intended to be a collaborative part of a larger series of recordings for Iowa ReWild BeWild.

Requested grant funds are $2880 to cover the first portion of this proposal. As many of the paintings are already completed, the timeline depends on the KHOI grant timeline.

Part Two

The second part of this proposal covers the creation of a collection of illustrated works and writings exploring themes of urban rewilding in an imaginative context. Possible audio will be considered as well.

The goal is to represent the viewpoint of beings beyond those of adult humans. The materials will be used to engage others in the rewilding conversation and encourage a re-viewing of urban wilderness and pocket forests.

The grant funds will be used to cover the creation of this body of work which will be collected and shared with Iowa Rewild Bewild in a covid-19 appropriate way. Requested grant funds are $2,000 to cover the second portion of this proposal. The time-line for completion is fall 2021.

My goal is to create a physical book collecting the art and writing from the project. This book would be put together after the completion of the grant.

Please review each portion of this proposal for acceptance of either the first part, the second part, or both. Thank you for your consideration.