BeWildReWild Conference

The Sustainable Living Coalition is requesting a Community Art Gathering Grant of $6,000 from the BeWildReWild Fund at Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation for the planning and implementation of the first BeWildReWild conference of 2020 to be held at the Fairfield Arts and Convention Center Sondheim Theater on Saturday, April 11. 

The conference will feature guest speakers and discussions of the three BeWildReWild questions: 

  1. What is wild? 
  2. What lifestyle changes do we need to make to live sustainably? 
  3. How can we create a wilder more beautiful, more biologically diverse and more enduring Mississippi River Watershed. 

The event will also feature highlights of some “rewilding” accomplishments in the state to date and culminate in a “celebration of wildness” at “potluck” dinner held at the Eco Barn at the Sustainable Living Coalition. 

Sue DeLost, our newest board member at SLC has the skillsets to organize the conference and will work with the conference co-sponsors to organize this event. We believe this will be a great event and set up the group to have several others throughout the year if desired.

We request a grant of $6000 to be utilized in the following ways:

Conference organizer      $2000
Venues                               1000
Speaker fees and travel      1000
Advertising, PR                    1000
Musicians, video, misc.     1000
Total                                 $6000

The Sustainable Living Coalition is looking forward to co-sponsoring this event with BeWildReWild, Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, Sierra Club of Southeast Iowa, and potentially Jefferson County Conservation, the Natural Resources Conservation Service and Iowa Department of Natural Resources. Our cosponsors will be invited to discuss their experiences and any plans in the works for “rewilding” in Iowa.