“Moved by Waters” FREE 2024 Public Events

Fourth Wall Films, via Truth First Film Alliance, Inc., requests a supplemental grant to fund five FREE public screening/discussion events featuring the new 28-minute documentary “Moved by Waters”. The key purpose of the film is to demonstrate to viewers that what unites us is more important than what divides us. The people and organizations in these stories cross boundaries that impede the inherent spontaneity and self-regulating qualities of wild nature.

Fourth Wall Films won a Mid-America Emmy® for its short film “Over and Under: Wildlife Crossings” and “Places To Be Wild” received an Emmy nomination. Both were produced with grants from BeWildReWild. Fourth Wall Films is a four-time Emmy® winning, twelve-time Emmy® nominated, and award-winning independent film production company based in the Illinois/Iowa Quad Cities on the Mississippi River.

“Over & Under” is focused on wildlife Crossings.
“Places To Be Wild” is focused on wildlife Cores and Corridors.
“Moved by Waters” is focused on Collaborations.

Truth First Film Alliance, Inc. (TFFA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that promotes, supports, and encourages the production and exhibition of documentary films, and narrative films based on true stories, through public presentations and educational programs in the Quad Cities region. TFFA programs include film screenings and discussions with visiting filmmakers and classroom visits to talk about film and filmmaking with students. TFFA is the Fiscal Sponsor for this events project.

Following its Public Premiere of “Moved by Waters” at the Putnam Museum & Science Center and Broadcast Premiere on WQPT-PBS, grant funds for this request will be used to schedule screening/discussion events in river cities and other locations in the region that provide opportunities to connect with new organizations and individuals. The filmmakers will be present to moderate post-screening discussions. The filmmakers will coordinate event plans with local groups, rural and urban, who are engaged in water quality efforts and related activities.

Events will include a brief introduction, showings of “Places to be Wild” and “Over & Under: Wildlife Crossings”, a brief Q&A with the filmmakers, and a showing of “Moved by Waters” followed by another discussion moderated by the filmmakers. The discussion may include a panel of one or two additional people, specific to each location, who are engaged in efforts to improve water quality. We will invite attendees to fill out a feedback form to document reaction/response to the film/discussion program. Program length will be about 90 minutes.

The target audience will be the general public–people who are not already tuned-in to the water quality issue.

Local media coverage of these events will increase awareness of the film and its themes even among those members of the public who don’t attend.

In-person screening/discussion events provide for the highest quality viewer experience and lasting impact. Both the in-person events and local media coverage allow for discussions focused on how we can create a wilder, more beautiful, more biologically diverse, and more enduring Mississippi River Watershed. The films and discussions will educate, raise awareness, and inform and inspire people to get involved and to be a catalyst for change. BeWildReWild brochures and other materials can be available on lobby table.

Grant funds will be used for event planning and execution, venue fees, travel expenses, publicity/promotions, and printing of programs/flyers.


Rock River


Cedar River


Wapsipinicon River


Iowa River


Cedar River

Grant Awarded: $10,000