Beautiful, Stunning, Welcoming

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by Jill Shore

Wow. This may be the most well-done website I have ever visited. Immediately when my eyes engaged, my emotional response was the sense of “beautiful,” “stunning,” “welcoming.” As I continued on, I read (saw, identified, felt) a statement (maybe even a fundamental belief) that I absolutely do not bear witness with. Yet I still felt safe enough to continue on, in the belief that I may not be “judged” (criticized, ripped apart, torn to shreds) for my dissonance with that statement/belief. I surely have been on the receiving and delivering ends of such judgment. Wow. So. I continued on, I suspect, in such a way that in “wildness” one would continue. I sauntered, took a few side roads (did some research of my own, checked out a map, looked up some words, pondered some of my experiences) and made my way through the website. A phrase comes to mind: “Well done, good and faithful servant.”
Thanks, for sending this my way.