by John Ame

I know what I have to do
But am afraid to do it.

Dominion separates me from the wild and
Relinquishing dominion reconnects.

But who wants to talk about relinquishing dominion?

Letting go is so difficult, as difficult as opening my hand.
Since I cannot open my hand I will get what I want:

Big trucks and bacon over the cliff.

No, that’s too pessimistic.  It’s just
Thousands of generations of cultural momentum
That glues my cell phone irrevocably in place.

How to avoid burning in this wi-fi hotspot of
Taking too much and taking without asking?

Listen to the rain on the roof.
The pitter patter voice finds its way in and
I am no longer afraid, for the moment.

But the moment passes and
Again boils the rage and confusion at
How my species is behaving so stupidly,
When all the others have figured it out.

But they’ve been around longer than us.
Maybe it just takes time?
So then I have to figure out what to do with the time

Given me.

Chop wood and stack the logs until
Overwhelmed with gratitude.

Watch my friends
Build relationships based on
Ownership and control.

Listen, as they patiently explain the benefits of

Wallow in judgment until
The peace of wild things calls louder than self-pity.

Go for a walk in the woods
Where the gospel is written fresh and
Doesn’t suffer from translation.