The Three Questions

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by Joseph Plum
1. What do you/we mean by wild?

Wild is a lightening strike
from within a smile. A question
whose answer is balanced
all the while on your ability
to decide what impulses coincide
with elements derived from within
the Mother Ocean of our natural mind.

2. What changes are needed for us to live within the bounds of sustainability?

We must create personal ceremonies
to connect through the seven spiritual gates
to our own ancestors and spiritual guides.
These are the gates where poetry
becomes incantation and we are opened
to the possibilities of guidance for how
to live more sustainably with Mother Earth
and be present in nature.

3. How can we create a wilder, more beautiful, more biologically diverse, and a more enduring Mississippi River Watershed?

By aligning our life with the seven spiritual gates,
we can model how to live a clean, sustainable
lifestyle that exists in harmony with nature.
By making changes within our own hearts,
we can make changes within Iowa,
the heartland of the continent.
These powerful heart changes,
it will lead to changes in the extremities
surrounding the heart,
encompassing the Mississippi Watershed,
the main artery of America.