Wildlife Crossing Scorecard

Why is this needed?

Iowa and the Midwest have very fragmented landscapes that obstruct natural wildlife movements and the health of the natural world.

What is my role?

Thank you for volunteering to assess the condition of specific locations for wildlife crossings. Your input here and at the web site will be used to gain a better local and regional understanding for the degree of natural disconnection and to develop a plan to reconnect wildlife movement.

How to Use the Wildlife Crossings Scorecard

Please observe all safety precautions. Try to stop in driveways, field entrances, and other safe
locations. If you must stop along a roadside, use your vehicle’s hazard flashers and wear a
brightly colored, reflective safety vest. Please, DO NOT CROSS ROADS ON FOOT. It’s best to
work in teams of two for safety and so you can compare your individual scores before filling out
the form.


Please use a separate scorecard for each location you evaluate and fill in all blanks.

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